The Commenting and Collaboration allows users to invite collaborators and get feedback directly on their showcases. Instead of complicated back-and-forth communication, you can now streamline feedback and collaboration directly within SmartCue.

How Does It Work?

Showcase creators can invite guests, viewers, editors, and admins to join and collaborate on their showcases. Each role has different permissions and restrictions, which are explained below.

When someone is invited, they will receive an invite email. From this email, they can preview the showcase and add their comments.

Who can Invite?

  • Admin: Can invite guests, viewers, editors, and other admins.
  • Editors: Can only invite guests.

Restrictions and Capabilities

Who Can View What?

  • Guests: (PS - These can also be external to your organization!)

    • Can only view and comment on the showcases they are invited to.
    • Can only see their comments and threads.
    • Do not count towards your paid SmartCue licenses i.e. free!
  • Viewers:

    • Can view and comment on all showcases within the organization.
    • Can see and add comments on all comments and threads.
  • Editors/Admin:

    • Can view, comment on all showcases, and have access to the builder.
    • Can see and add comments on all comments and threads.
    • Editors can also manage comments directly from the builder.

Key Features of Comments

  1. Comment anywhere on the screen:

    • Click on the exact spot you want to provide feedback on and add your comment. So no more ambiguity and back-and-forth.

  2. View, Add, Delete Comments:

    • Collaborators can view existing comments on a showcase.
    • They can add new comments to provide feedback or ask questions.
    • They have the ability to delete their comments if needed.
  3. Notifications

    • When you invite someone to collaborate on a showcase, they get an email notification to jump directly into the comment mode into that particular showcase

    • When someone adds a comment, the showcase owner and/or the original commenter get an email notification.

    • When a comment is resolved, the showcase owner and the commenters in that comment thread get an email notification.

  4. Resolve and Unresolve Comments:

    • Commentator, editor and admin can mark comments as resolved once the question has been addressed.
    • If needed, they can also unresolve comments to reopen the discussion.

Quick Guide- How to invite collaborators and comment on showcases