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How can I setup Custom Domain (CName) in SmartCue?
How can I setup Custom Domain (CName) in SmartCue?

Make your SmartCue showcases truly yours by using your own custom domain.

Updated over a week ago

Here's a quick guide on how to set up a Custom Domain (CNAME) in SmartCue:

  1. Kick things off by going to 'Settings' in your SmartCue account.

  2. Next, navigate to 'Domains' within the Settings menu.

  3. Enter your chosen custom domain and simply click 'Add'.

  4. Go to your DNS provider (For eg. CloudFlare). Disable the proxy status and insert the required domain record.

  5. You're almost there! Your showcase URL will now reflect your custom domain, adding that personal and professional flair you've been looking for.

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