User Settings

Questions on adding users and assigning roles.

Troubleshooting: Getting error when setting up a sub-domain (CName)

Here are the steps you can follow to make this change: Log in to your domain registrar's account (e.g., CloudFlare). Navigate to DNS settings. Locate and edit the A record for '@' entry. Update the IP address associated with '@'. Allow time for ch...

How can I change my Login Password on SmartCue

At SmartCue, we prioritize your account security, and changing your login password is a breeze. Follow these quick steps to update your password. Click the three dots (︙) below. ​ Go to My Profile . Click on Change Password . Enter the old passw...

What is the purpose of the Logs feature in SmartCue?

Understand the purpose of Logs in SmartCue, which track user activities within your organization.

How can I customize the theme in SmartCue?

Learn how to customize the theme in SmartCue, including colors and styling for text and Highlights, for a unique demo experience.

How can I add, edit, or change the avatar in my SmartCue demo?

Learn how to add, edit, or change the avatar in your SmartCue demo with a few simple steps. Make your demo more personal and engaging!

What are the user limits for different SmartCue plans?

Understand the user limits for different SmartCue plans. Discover which plan suits your team's needs best.

How do I remove a user from my organization in SmartCue?

Learn how to remove a user from your organization in SmartCue in a few simple steps. Keep your team structure up-to-date.

How do I assign roles to users?

While inviting other users, there is an option to select the user role. A specific user role can be provided to the user in an organization depending on the level of access you want to provide to that user.

What roles are available in SmartCue and what permissions do they have?

Discover the different roles in SmartCue - Admin, Editor, and Viewer - and understand their respective permissions.

How can I invite new users to SmartCue?

Understand how to invite new users to SmartCue and assign their roles, using either the email invite or link sharing methods.

I am seeing a 'Not authorized to access this section' error

There are different user roles assigned to each individual by their organization. Admins have access to all areas of the product while Editors and Users have limited access. Check your role in the Settings > Users tab. Contact your organization ...