The user limits in SmartCue depend on the type of plan you are subscribed to. Here are the details for each:

  1. Small Business Plan: This plan allows for 1 Editor, 1 Admin, and an unlimited number of Viewers.

  2. Scaling Companies Plan: Subscribers of this plan can have 2 Editors, 1 Admin, and an unlimited number of Viewers.

  3. Enterprise Customers: The user limits for Enterprise Customers are custom, depending on the plan you purchased.

  4. Lifetime Deal Plan: For those who purchased our Lifetime Deal plan on AppSumo or any other platform, the user limits are the same as the Scaling Companies Plan.

Remember, "Editors" are users who can edit, delete, and modify demos, "Admins" have full access to the organization's settings, and "Viewers" can only view and share demos to which they have access.