When you delete a demo in SmartCue, it's not immediately gone forever. Instead, we move it to a special 'Deleted' folder. This way, if you realize you need a demo you've deleted, you have a chance to recover it. Here's how it works:

  1. After deletion, your demo goes to the 'Deleted' folder. Instead of being permanently deleted right away, your demo gets a temporary stay in the 'Deleted' folder.

  2. Your demo stays in the 'Deleted' folder for seven days. This gives you a week to restore any demos you might need again.

  3. After seven days, your demo is permanently deleted. If a demo stays in the 'Deleted' folder for more than a week, it will be removed forever.

So, if you've accidentally deleted a demo, remember to act quickly! You have seven days to restore it from the 'Deleted' folder.